How to Take Snapshots of Long Webpages in Internet Explorer

Sometimes you want to capture a webpage as an image to share with others. For example, the other day I won the first place in an online Tennis match (I won the Gold medal for the French Open tournament), and when it showed the graphics with all the glitter and confetti, I wanted to capture it so that I can share it with friends on facebook and twitter. But the webpage was too long. I could zoom out the webpage, but then it would not look the same – the charm would be lost. So I figured out a way to capture whole of the webpage using a web browser addon called IE Screenshot. It is a free Internet Explorer addon that can capture and save a whole webpage to its full length and save it as BMP image on your hard disk.

You can download IE Screenshot from the website if the IT Samples. The downloaded file is a setup installer which installs this addon for your Internet Explorer. It currently supports all versions of Internet Explorer from version 6.0 to 10.0 and run without any problems on Windows XP to 7. After you have downloaded the installer for IE Screenshot, you should close all the Internet Explorer windows and then run the installer. At the end of the installation, you would be able to see a new icon in the Internet Explorer toolbar.

In order to take screenshots of the webpages, all you have to do is click on this IE Screenshot button in the Internet Explorer toolbar. With a single click, IE Screenshot makes a copy of a full page, no matter how long the webpage is. IE Screenshot scrolls around the page taking shots which it later stitches together. Then it asks you where to save the captured BMP image file.

Internet Explorer Screenshot

You do not have to depend on the toolbar button to capture the screenshots. You can also right-click on any opened webpage (right-click on any empty area, not on the text or the images) and select Make a screenshot to take the screenshot.

Internet Explorer Screenshot

The free edition of IE Screenshot addon has the limitation of saving the images only in the BMP format. The pro version can also save in other formats like JPG and PNG image formats. But this is hardly any limitation as you can easily convert BMP format images into other formats using any image editor.

You can download IE Screenshot from