View All Your Hardware Activity with Moo0 System Monitor

When you drive a car or motorbike, you have a panel in front of you that shows you the different gauges and meters indicating what is going on with your machine. But when you use your computer, you have only 2-3 LEDs that blink on hard disk activity, network activity etc. Don’t you think that this is unfair? After all computer is a machine too. Fortunately, the freeware tool Moo0 System Monitor allows you to add a system activity panel right on your PC desktop that displays your CPU/GPU temperatures, their speeds, network access, hard disk activity, physical memory available and much more information about your machine. Using this program, you may discover what is limiting your system performance in each occasion.

You can download Moo0 System Monitor from the Moo0 software website. The download is available both as a software installer and as a standalone program. After installing Moo0 System Monitor, you can launch it from its desktop shortcut. It would show a vertical desktop panel with all the information about your machine.

Moo0 System Monitor

If you want to add or remove the information items displayed in this panel, then you can right-click over it, select Fields and then select the items that you want to add to the System Monitor panel. You can add many different kinds of fields like processes, threads, network connections, IP address, hard disk usage, CPU load and many more.

From this right-click menu, you can also change the skins for the panel (skins change the appearance of the panel), adjust its layout (vertical, horizontal, box etc.), transparency and other settings like auto-starting System Monitor with windows, auto-hiding its window and more.

Moo0 System Monitor

Moo0 System Monitor can add a HUD (head-on display) for your computer. It not only makes your desktop look better and informative, it also allows you to see which programs are pushing your computer resources to the limit.

You can download Moo0 System Monitor from

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  1. A most perfect program, in fact it is much better than any paid software of this type. easy on the eye interface, it suggests that this software was designed by a technician rather than a pompous metro-man(!!) software programmer with manicured finger nails, who usually have no idea of the real world.

    I sincerely hope that this software develops in a positive and constructive way,rather than making it a disgusting blob like Firefox browser developers, as long as you keep those pompous freaks away from it.
    congratulations on a very nice software.

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