Automatically Update SysInternals Tools with SysInternals Updater

SysInternals Tools are high quality bloat-free Windows utilities designed by Mark Russinovich. The SysInternals Tools Suite includes utilities such as Autoruns, Process Manager, Process Explorer, TcpView, DiskView, Disk2VHD and many more. The total number of tools included in the suite are more than 70 utilities in the set. But the problem is these none of these tools comes with an any sort of automatic updater. When a new version of any of these tools in the SysInternals Suite is releases, you have to manually download it from the Microsoft website. But now you can automatically update your SysInternals Suite collection using the free SysInternals Updater.

SysInternals Updater is a freeware application for Windows which connects to the Microsoft server, checks if they have a newer version of any of the SysInternals tools and performs an automatic update if needed.

You can get SysInternals Updater from the website of Emiel Wieldraaijer. The download is a portable application which can be run without having to install anything on your system. When it runs, it selects your user profile folder by default for downloading the utilities. But you should select the folder where you have kept your SysInternals tools. In case you select a protected folder (like C:\Program Files\SysInternals), then you must run SysInternals Updater with administrative privileges.

SysInternals Updater

It well check which of the tools (applications and related help files) need to be updated and automatically select the ones for which newer versions are available. You can also manually select or de-select the files for update. Then you can click on small green download button near the bottom edge of the window. This would instantly start the updating process. Since these files are very small in size, the update works very fast even on slower internet connections.

SysInternals Updater

In the options for SysInternals Updater, you can choose to kill any running SysInternal applications so that they can be overwritten with their newer versions. You can also choose to display notification messages upon the beginning and completion of the update.

SysInternals Updater

Conclusion: SysInternals Updater is a simple and smart updater for SysInternals suite of utilities. It works on all versions of Windows and can be customized to download a custom set of tools from the SysInternals website.

You can download SysInternals Updater from