HWiNFO Gives Extensive Information About Your Computer

HWiNFO is a system information tool that can give comprehensive information about every aspect of your computer’s hardware. It is available for Windows and DOS. If you are wondering why for DOS, then you should know that some low-cost computers still come with Free DOS. There is nothing related to your PC’s hardware that is hidden from HWiNFO. You will find information on the CPU, motherboard, hard disk drives, graphics card (GPU), installed RAM modules, chipset type, BIOS version and date, installed operating system, network adapters and much more. In addition, it can also fetch data from your system’s temperature and voltage sensors.

You can get it from the HWiNFO website. The download is available both as an installable application and a portable program. The 32-bit version of HWiNFO is labeled as HWiNFO32 and the 64-bit version of HWiNFO is labeled as HWiNFO64. When you run it for the first time, it shows a small window where you can choose, if you want to display information from the sensors or a summary of your hardware configuration.


In this same small window, you can click on the Settings button to customize how the HWiNFO displays the information. You can choose what type of information you want to display at startup – sensors or summary. You can make HWiNFO automatically start with Windows. In the Safety section, you can make HWiNFO safely access all the hardware, e.g, access the hard disks in safe mode, safe scan of problematic PCI devices and more.


If you choose to open the system summary, then a window opens up with all kinds of information about your system displayed in an easy to read manner. Here you can find information about your CPU, GPU, hard drives, motherboard, BIOS, clock frequency and the operating system.


When you close this summary window, the main HWiNFO window shows up with all the hardware information categorized in a tree view control on the left side and full description on the right side. You can expand a category in the tree view control to find more information about it and any related sub-categories (if any). For example, clicking on the Motherboard in the tree view control shows all useful information about your motherboard and its components.


HWiNFO is an indispensable system analysis and information tool that gives detailed information about all your installed hardware. It can show all the information in many different modes – system summary, detailed categorized system information and sensors status information. It is useful in many ways, for example, you can use it to find if your hard disk, CPU or GPU is getting too hot and if you need to install an extra cooling fan.

You can download it from http://www.hwinfo.com/.

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