Install Applications Silently in Windows Using Silent Install Helper

After you have gone through the ordeal of fresh installation of Windows in your PC, you still have more to go through and install third party applications like browsers, e-mail clients, antivirus products to name a few. For each of these applications, you have to go through the installation wizards which not only takes a great deal of time but also makes the whole process a bit tedious and frustrating. If you want to save your time and install the applications silently in the background without any user interaction, then you can make use  of the Silent Install Helper. Silent Install Helper is an open-source application that can batch install multiple applications using the secret silent switches of their respective installers.

You can download the Silent Install Helper from its sourceForge webpage. The downloaded program itself does not require any installation. It is a portable program and can be used immediately after downloading it. The main user interface is pretty straightforward.

The first thing you have to do is add installers to the Silent Install Helper. You can add a single installer at a time or you can add an entire folder containing all your setup installers. It would analyze each of the setup installers using the PEiD program to find out what type of installers they are. After the analysis is complete, you can select the installers that you want to install. Then you can click on the Start button to start the installations of all those setup installers one by one. You will not see any user confirmations, no windows, no dialog boxes and no progress. The only thing you would notice is hard disk activity indicating that the applications are being installed in Windows.

Silent Install Helper

Not all the installer types are detected, but Silent Install Helper still tries to launch them using the /s switch which might work. But you can choose to skip the undetected installer types in the options.
Silent Install Helper also allows you to save the batch script for the selected application in form of a CMD file. There is also an option about what action should be taken once the batch installation has finished. For example, you can choose to reboot your PC after all applications have been installed silently.
Silent Install Helper is a very useful Windows program when you want to install multiple applications silently without any user interaction in the background. It supports all the popular installer types like Inno Setup, Install Shield, Wise Installer, NSIS, RAR SFX, Winzip SFX, Nullsoft PiMP, MSI, Ghost Install Wizard etc. You can save a lot of time and headache using the Silent Help Installer.

You can download Silent Help Installer from