Reduce PDF Size with Free SmallPDF Web App

Adobe Acrobat PDF files are the de facto standard for document sharing online. The reason why PDF files are so popular is that they can be opened and viewed by a large number free PDF viewer applications without losing the same format, look and style no matter in which application or operating system you use to view or print them. But when you share PDF files online, you have to consider the PDF document file size. Larger PDF files take a long time to download resulting in poor website user experience and wasted webhosting bandwidth. If you plan to share your PDF files online then you can cut down their file size using the free SmallPDF web app. This app helps you reduce the PDF file size without affecting the quality of the PDF document.

The SmallPDF web app works in all the browsers and on all platforms. In order to use the SmallPDF web app, you can point your web browser to the SmallPDF web site. On this web page, you can drag-and-drop your source PDF file (the size of which you want to reduce and make it smaller). You can also click on the Choose File button and select your source PDF file.

SmallPDF PDF Compression

After the file is uploaded, the web app starts to optimize it and compress it. Basically it compresses all the embedded images and reduces the DPI. As soon as the file is compressed, a download link is displayed along with the percentage of compression done on your PDF file. You can click on the Download PDF button to download the compressed PDF document. It compressed my test PDF file to 17% of its original size.

SmallPDF PDF Compression

Conclusion: The SmallPDF web app can help your reduce the size of your PDF files without compromising with the quality. The compression is achieved mostly by compressing the images into the JPEG format, therefore it works best with scanned PDF files.

You can visit the SmallPDF PDF Compression web app at