Strong Password Generator for Chrome Helps You Use Stronger Passwords

As a security conscious person, I always generate very strong passwords for all my online accounts be it emails, online gaming, FTP, social networking, banking sites, shopping sites and so on. Using a strong password is the first step towards safeguarding your online identity and prevent hacking of your various accounts. We have discussed many online password generators in the past that can help you generate strong passwords, but for using most of these you have open a website and then use them. It would be great if a password generator was build inside the web browser itself. You can complement lack of this feature inside a browser, with the Strong Password Generator extension for Chrome which allows you to create stronger passwords from within the Chrome browser.

You can download and install the Strong Password Generator from the Google Chrome Web Store. Being an extension, you do not have to log on to your Google account in order to install it. After the installation, you will see a new yellowish lock icon in the Chrome toolbar. Clicking on this lock icon would open a tiny password generator.

Strong Password Generator for Chrome

You can select the character groups that you want to use (uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, special characters) and the length of the passwords. For a good strong password, you should choose the password length to be 12 or more characters long. Clicking on the Generate button will instantly create a password for you. Then you can copy the password by clicking on the tiny copy button.

Strong Password Generator for Chrome

If you want to generate multiple passwords, then you can click on the Generate button multiple times and view the list of created passwords in the History tab. Here you can copy one or all the passwords and use the as you wish.

Conclusion: The Strong Password Generator extension integrates well in the Chrome web browser and makes it very easy to create strong secure passwords for using in any of your online accounts. You can generate passwords of any length and having any character lengths instantly.

You can download Strong Password Generator from

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  1. I have an iMac and a MacPro. plus several other devices with Norton IDENTITY SAFE. Question: how do I get the Password Generator Norton advertises for Identity Safe,? Because of pressing work demands I must have this technology ASAP. PLEASE, DO NOT LET ME DOWN.
    Cheers, Dr. Marta A. [email address removed]

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