AntiToolbar : Easily Remove Unwanted Toolbars from Browsers

The toolbars that come bundled with other software are usually a nuisance. They get installed behind your back and cause all sorts of headache when you try to use your web browser. These unwanted toolbars take charge of your browser’s homepage, search engine and may also track your online activities. Although some of these undesired toolbars can be removed simply by uninstalling them from the Control Panel in Windows, but some of these are very hard to remove and require specialized software like AntiToolbar. AntiToolbar is a free software for Windows that allows you to easily remove unwanted toolbars from your web browsers, change their home pages (also called start page) and set their search engines.

Here are some the salient features of  Anti-Toolbar:

  • Identifies toolbars, homepage and search settings
  • Eliminates difficult to remove add-ons and change defaults
  • Takes care of browser sluggishness caused by unwanted toolbars
  • Supports the most popular browsers: Chrome, Firefox & Internet Explorer

Anti-Toolbar : Remove Unwanted Toolbars

You can download the AntiToolbar from their website in form a small setup installer. This installer is just a bootstrapper which further downloads more files from the internet during the installation. After the installation it downloads program updates so that it can identify the toolbar related files correctly. You can launch it from the Start Menu shortcut or from the charms bar, if it fails to run automatically after the installation.

AntiToolbar takes some time to load as it finds and displays a list of toolbars, homepage, and search engine settings in all of your installed web browsers (it supports Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Google Chrome). The settings of each of these web browsers are shown in their own separate tabs. You can review the toolbars and add-ons, toggle them on or off, change the home page and choose a search engine for these web browsers. The settings are saved when you click on the Save all browsers button at the bottom.

Anti-Toolbar : Remove Unwanted Toolbars

Conclusion: You can use the free AntiToolbar to remove those stubborn and hard to remove toolbars that piggyback on some other software installation package. It works wil the most popular web browsers (Firefox, Chrome and IE) and quickly gives you relief from the headache caused by unsolicited toolbars.

You can download AntiToolbar