Create 3D Photos Easily with Stereo Photo Maker

These are the days of three dimensional movies and pictures. Many of the movies are coming in the 3D vision which you have to watch with blue and cyan glasses on. Many of the digital cameras today have the capability of shooting 3D photos and movies. Even some of the mobile phones also come with 3D cameras built in. But all these devices are very costly. If you cannot afford to buy a 3D digital camera, then you can take pictures using your regular two dimensional camera and turn them into 3D digital photos using the free Stereo Photo Maker. This software is also useful for adding 3D effects to your older pictures which were taken before the 3D cameras became popular.

The Stereo Photo Maker is a free application for Windows and Mac that takes two left and right 2D images and can conjoin them together in many different ways to generate a single 3D image. You can download it from the website of its developer Masuji Suto. The download is a single standalone application which runs natively in any version of Windows from Windows 2000 to Windows 8.1.

Using the Stereo Photo Maker is extremely easy. You can open two images – one left image and another right image using the file open buttons in the toolbar. The rest is even easier. You can click on various toolbar icons to conjoin the images using various different stereoscopic principles – for example, gray scale anaglyph, color anaglyph, horizontal interlacing, vertical interlacing,sharp 3D LCD, 3D DLV TV and more. You can also access all these stereoscopic functions from under the Stereo menu given in the menubar.


Other than these stereoscopic functions, the Stereo Photo Maker also has many photo editing features like cropping, resizing, flipping, adding text, adding logo etc. When you are pleased with the generated 3D picture, you can save it in many different formats like JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF etc. There is also a special format called JPEG Stereo which saves the left and right images in a single JPEG file.

Stereo Photo Maker

By the way, if you do not already know, you need a pair of 3D glasses (one of the glasses is cyan or blue and other is red). You can get these 3D glasses from any video store near you.

Conclusion: The Stereo Photo Maker is very easy-to-use but very advanced stereoscopic (3D) image creator. It uses many different algorithms to generate the 3D image like gray anaglyph, color anaglyph, interlacing and many more.

You can download Stereo Photo Maker from