Find Player and Codecs Needed to Play Media Files with MediaInfo

Angkor Wat is one of the seven wonders of the world. When my friend Patrick visited Cambodia, he made a large video of his visit to the Angkor Wat and sent it to me. I downloaded the whole video of around 1GB in size, only to find out that the video won’t play. I had K-Lite Media codec pack installed on my Windows PC and still it will not play. So I had to analyze the video file using MediaInfo to find out the video codecs required to play that file. MediaInfo is a small program for Windows which can show you details about any media file, the player that can play that media file and the codecs needed to play that file.

You can get MediaInfo either as a setup installer or as a portable application. It is available both in the 32-bit and the 64-bit formats. If you download the portable edition, then on the first run it shows you the preferences window where you can choose to integrate it with File Explorer context-menu. There are also various other settings in the preferences window like the default output format, information display on mouse hover etc.


After this you can just right-click on any media file and select MediaInfo to open that file using MediaInfo so that it can analyze that file and display you the results. If you have selected the option to display MediaInfo information as you hover the mouse cursor over a media file, then a small tooltip shows the information like runtime, codecs, fps, resolution etc.


You can also open the MediaInfo application and click on the file open button on the left side toolbar to select a media file or a folder containing many media files. MediaInfo will analyze the file (which takes only a few seconds) and display you the information about it. If you do not understand the information displayed, then you can just click on the big button Go to the website of a player for this file to download the player needed to play that file. Similarly there are buttons to launch websites from where you can download audio and video codecs that are necessary to play that media file.


Conclusion: The freeware MediaInfo application allows you to view detailed information about any media file on your computer. It shows the base media, video and audio codecs, bitrate, resolution and other information for media files. It also displays the websites links from where you can download the necessary codecs and media players.

You can download MediaInfo from