Funny Mask – Draw Funny Masks on All Faces

Do you remember, when we were little kids, how much fun it was to draw mustache on the faces of sleeping siblings or friends? All we needed was a black pen (if we did not have black color pen, then we used blue one too) and a fast asleep kid. You could draw any kind of mustache – spiral mustache, straight mustache, zigzag mustache and so on. Even though we all have grown up now, we can still have tons of fun through a similar activity. This time we no longer need any pens, but just a free software called Funny Mask. This software can put funny masks (like clowns, mustaches, cat, braid, baby, rabbit etc.) on any facial picture visible on your desktop.

You can get the Funny Mask software from the Bahrania apps website. The downloaded file is a ZIP archive containing the portable Funny Mask program. You can extract the contents of the ZIP file to a folder and run FunnyMask.exe from there. After this you can open any picture or google for some images containing faces of people. Then click on the Draw on Screen button in the Funny Mask window. This will draw funny masks on all the detected faces visible on your screen.

Funny Mask

By default, it draws random masks on every face visible on your computer screen. But if you want to draw only a specific type of mask then you can right-click on the Draw on Screen button and select one of the masks in the list. It has many different type of masks to choose from, e.g., cat, clown, birthday hat, watermelon hat, glasses, eggplant, cry and more. If you are not satisfied with these, then you can also create your own masks by placing a transparent PNG image in the masks sub-folder in the Funny Mask program directory.

Funny Mask

If you want to take a screenshot of your funny mask activities, then you can click on the Capture button in the Funny Mask program window. This takes a screenshot of the entire screen and saves it as a PNG image in the Funny Mask program folder.

Conclusion: The Funny Mask program can bring smile on the faces of your friends and family member, when they see their pictures covered with funny masks. It comes with a dozen funny masks of its own, but you can easily create your own masks in seconds.

You can download Funny Mask from