Pafwert Suggests Smarter Unforgettable Passwords

As is always the case with your online accounts getting hacked, the weakest chain is using the weaker, easier to guess or easy to crack passwords. If you use passwords based on common dictionary words, your anniversary dates, your pet’s name or your school’s name, then hacking you is a piece of cake for hackers. The first line of defense against hack attacks is using stronger passwords. But the main problem with stronger passwords is that you cannot memorize them easily. If you want smarter, stronger and yet easy to remember passwords, then you can use the free Pafwert application for Windows.

You can get Pafwert freeware from the Xato software website. The download is a small setup installer which can setup Pafwert on your Windows system. It is designed using Visual Basic 6.0 and works on all versions of Windows from XP to 8. After the installation, you can launch it from its desktop shortcut. In order to view the suggested passwords, you have to click on the Suggest… in the Pafwert window.

Pafwert - Smarter Passwords

This would populate the Pafwert window with twelve different suggested passwords. These passwords are generated using the various word lists or dictionaries that Pafwert installs on your system. You can click on any of these passwords to copy it to clipboard or copy all the passwords to the clipboard. If you are not happy with the generated list of passwords, then you can click again on the Suggest… button.

Pafwert - Smarter Passwords

You must note that these are just “suggested” passwords and should not be used as-is. The Pafwert application tells you to create your own password based on these suggested passwords. Since these passwords are created by modifying simple words and numbers, they are easy to remember and at the same time not easy-to-guess.

Conclusion: If you have used any of those strong password generators, then you know that the passwords created by them are highly strong and secure, but not easy to memorize. Pafwert can help you create stronger, smarter and unforgettable passwords.

You can download Pafwert from