View Firefox Browsing Statistics With about:me Extension

If you have to think of a software (other than the operating system) that you use most of the time, then you would have to pick your web browser. These days with cloud computing and a whole flood of online apps, we can do most of the things online through our web browser. This is no surprise that we use the web browser much more than any other application in out computers. But how do you find what you actually do in your web browser – which websites you visit and how many times? If you are a Firefox user, then you are in luck – you can make use of the about:me extension for Firefox to view a complete statistical analysis of your online whereabouts.

You can download and install the about:me extension from the Mozilla Firefox extensions repository. The extension does not require you restart the web browser and hence it is ready as soon as the installation is finished. After the installation, you can type in about:me in the Firefox location bar (address bar) and it will show you your online statistics.

about:me Firefox Extension

The statistics show you the most visited websites and the number of times they were visited. It also shows you the hourly browsing history – how many sites you visit at which hour of the day or night. You can click on the bars to view more details about the sites visited on a particular hour (for hourly browsing history) or the webpages visited (for most visited websites).

about:me Firefox Extension

Conclusion: The about:me extension does not have any options to choose or settings to tinker with. It just displays your internet history stats in an easy to understand manner. You can learn your own browsing behavior or pattern and if you think that you are using the internet too much and are on the verge of internet addiction, then you may seek help from the professionals.

You can get the about:me Firefox extension from