Auto-Compose Valentine Message in Yahoo! Mail

Valentine day is coming and I am sure you are ready to celebrate this lovely day with all the gifts, a gourmet dinner and other romantic ideas that fit the occasion. But if you want to add an extra layer of sugar coated love to your plans, then you can send your beloved ones an email message telling them about how much you care about them. Unfortunately, everyone is not cut out to be a poet and cannot think of the right words quickly. If you do not want to send them a message composed of cliché lines, then you can use the auto-compose feature of Yahoo! Mail to compose a valentine email message for your sweetheart.

Auto-compose Email for Valentine's Day

For this, first of all you need to have a Yahoo! Mail account. I am sure you already have one, but you can create one for free Yahoo! account from the Yahoo! Mail webpage

Once you have logged in to your Yahoo Mail! account, you would be able to see the small beating heart icon near the compose menu in the left side. You can click on this icon to open a new compose message window where you can choose from three different types of auto-compose valentine messages – crazy in love, friendly in love and all outta love.

The crazy is love template is for love birds who are madly deeply in love with each other. The friendly in love template is for your friends not lovers. And the last template all outta love is for those broken hearts who have perhaps just broken up with someone.

Auto-compose Email for Valentine's Day

Yahoo! auto-compose writes the message and the subject “Happy Valentine’s Day”. All you have to do is type in the email address and click on the Send button. But that does not mean you cannot add your own lines to the email message. Actually if you do not pour your heart out in the message, then it would look stale and unoriginal.

Sending a traditional letter always adds to the romantic mood of the Valentine’s Day. But if you running short of time, an email message would suffice. And Yahoo! Mail’s auto-compose feature for Valentine’s Day works just great for this amorous day.