Easily Open Favorite Sites in Firefox with Site Launcher

The site bookmarks manager in web browsers exist as far back as our memory can take us. One can easily imagine why they started out – perhaps because people did not want to type the website address over and over again and maybe to eliminate the chances of forgetting a website address. But now people bookmark so many websites that it takes some time before you can locate the one you want to access. If you do not spend half of your life trying to find a bookmarked website, then you can use the Site Launcher add-on for Firefox. The Site Launcher add-on can help you out by organizing a few most used sites, assigns a shortcut key to each one of them so that you can open them just by pressing a single key on your keyboard.

You can install the Site Launcher add-on from the Mozilla add-ons repository website. The installation requires you to restart web browser. After the restart, you would notice a new icon in the Firefox toolbar and a new “Site Launcher” menu in the menubar.

Site Launcher for Firefox

In order to open the Site Launcher you can click on the toolbar icon or press the hotkey Ctrl + Space. This will show a semi-translucent Site Launcher window with all default websites listed in it along with their single key shortcuts. You can press the respective keys to open the sites, for example, pressing “a” opens amazon.com, pressing “f” opens facebook.com and so on.

Site Launcher for Firefox

If you want to edit the website shortcuts, then you can select Site Launcher → Manage Shortcuts from the Firefox menubar. This will open the Manage Shortcuts window where you can remove the existing shortcuts, edit them or add new site shortcuts. You can also assign or edit the new single key shortcuts for different websites.

Site Launcher for Firefox

Conclusion: The Site Launcher extension for Firefox makes it easy and swift to open your favorites sites. All the sites added to the Site Launcher can be opened in just 2 keystrokes. This way you can save your time which you have otherwise spent looking through the maze of Firefox bookmarks.

You can download the Site Launcher extension from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/sitelauncher/.