Executor : Powerful App Launcher for Windows

Usually when it comes to starting a program in Windows, you have to either double-click on a program’s desktop shortcut, its Start Menu shortcut, search through the Start Menu, use the Run dialog to launch it and so on. All these methods are time tried and efficient, take too much time to start an application. Besides most of these methods require that you already know about the program name in advance. If you are tired of starting programs through the Start Menu or desktop shortcuts, then it is time that you try the free Executor program. The Executor is a powerful application launcher for Windows. It is intelligent and can automatically sense what you are looking for. For example, if you type “malware” in the search field of Executor, then it automatically lists all the antivirus or anti-malware programs installed on your system.

You can get the Executor from the website of its developer, Martin Bresson. The download is available both in the installer and the portable application format. After the installation when you start Executor for the first time, it starts the configuration wizard where you can choose skin, style (minimized or open list), usage type, preferred search type etc.

Executor App Launcher

After the configuration has been done, you can launch the Executor interface by using the hotkey Win+Z or by double-clicking on the Executor system tray icon. The system tray icon also allows you to add or manage keywords as well as open the Executor settings.

Executor App Launcher

In the Executor interface, you can launch any program by typing its partial name or related description. You can google anything by typing google followed by the keywords. You can search anything on the wikipedia by typing wiki followed by the search terms. There are also tons of keywords that you can use to perform special actions.

Executor App Launcher

In the settings (that you can open through the hotkey Ctrl+S when the Executor interface is open), you can delete or manage keywords. You can also define or add your own keywords. For example, you can add Bing search in the keywords section. You can also choose hotkey for the Executor program, auto-completion, history, skin, indexing, cache and other settings.

Executor App Launcher

Conclusion: The Executor app launcher is a powerful application launcher for Windows. It is intelligent and can automatically guess what applications you are looking for. It has skinned interface so you can customize its look and feel using various downloadable skins.

You can download Executor from http://www.executor.dk/.

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