Forgotify : Play Millions of Forgotten Songs on Spotify

Everyone know what Spotify is. Spotify is an online digital music service that gives you access to millions of songs including the songs composed and performed both by the commercial and amateur musicians and artists. Spotify is available for almost all the platforms like Windows, Android and iOS. Even if Spotify is not supported on your platform, then you can just open its website and listen to music without any problem. Even though Spotify is vastly popular all across the globe, most people just listen to selected popular artists. The songs coming from new or amateur or not so popular artists stay unheard most of the time.

According to Spotify, there are over four million songs available on Spotify that have never been played by anyone – not even once. So they have come up with a new digital music service called Forgotify – specially designed to present the forgotten songs on Spotify to everyone.


In order to use the Forgotify service, you can visit their website and click/tap on the Start Listening button. It will soon display you a randomly selected song from the list of over four million forgotten songs. You can click on the play button to play the song. This will take you to the Spotify website where you can login to your Spotify account before the song starts playing.

At first it appears that all these songs that nobody ever listened to, would be garbage and low quality material. But I was really surprised at the quality of these songs. These artists are really highly talented and their songs are very good quality. For example, I found some songs from Steve Darmody and his songs are very nice to listen to.


Verdict: The Forgotify online digital music service lets you listen to a large number of songs that have been not so frequently played on Spotify. If you are a music lover then you can explore many new, unheard of and unknown songs or artists.

You can visit the Forgotify website at