Opheus Quantum : Encrypt or Shred Your Files

When it comes to your secret documents stored on your computer, you can do only two things to them – either encrypt them to prevent anyone else accessing them or shred them securely so that nobody can recover them later. The freeware Opheus Quantum programs provides you with both of these functions. It can encrypt your files with a unique method that uses 1024-bit to 8192-bit large matrix providing very high quality encryption. It can also shred your files by overwriting them multiple times with random data, making them completely irrecoverable by software recovery programs.

You can get the Opheus Quantum program in either the 32-bit or 64-bit version for Windows. The program is portable and can be run from your USB pen drive. It is available in the German and English user interfaces. When you launch it for the first time, it runs with German interface but you can click on the Einstellungen button and select the English language.

Encrypting files is very easy with Opheus Quantum. Just select a source file and the destination file will be automatically chosen with the OPH extension. You can also choose the settings for encryption and enter your pass-phrase by clicking on the Settings button. After this you can just click on the Encrypt button and your file will be encrypted in a flash. File decryption is similar, only you have to click on the Decrypt button after entering the correct pass-phrase (and choosing correct matrix size) instead of the Encrypt button.

Opheus Quantum

Opheus Quantum also has a simple message encryption feature. This function usage the same settings as the file encryption function. It can be used to encrypt your messages for example the ones that you send through email. You can just type your text message and click on the Encrypt button. Decryption of the message is done in a similar way.

Opheus Quantum

In addition to file and message encryption features, Opheus Quantum has a file shredding feature. This allows you to shred and wipe your files by overwriting them multiple times with random data. You can overwrite files from 3 to 35 times.

Opheus Quantum

Conclusion: The Opheus Quantum program has a strong encryption algorithm which is can be used to encrypt your secret documents. It can also encrypt your message text and shred your private files to an irrecoverable state.

You can download Opheus Quantum from http://www.opheus.de/.