Speedcrunch : Powerful Calculator for Windows

If you are a high school student then you know the importance of having a calculator when solving mathematical problems. A calculator makes it very easy to check your sums if there is some problem in any step of the problem solving. But if you have a laptop, then you do not have to buy a calculator separately, you can use the calculator built inside Windows. And if the Windows calculator is not fulfilling your needs, then you can use the powerful calculator application called Speedcrunch. It has simple matlab like interface where you can give commands, set variables and solve formulas. It comes with a built in library of formulas and constants.

You can get the Speedcrunch calculator for Windows from the Speedcrunch website. The download is available as an installable application or as a portable app. The benefit of the portable Speedcrunch is that you can carry it with you in your USB stick anywhere you go.

Instead of the button based interface, Speedcrunch has command line interface. You can type your command instructions at the bottom text field which is interpreted as you press the Enter key. For example, if you want to set variable x to value 50, then type x = 50 and press Enter. Later you can use this variable in your formulas of any kind.

Speedcrunch Calculator

From the menubar, you can choose various settings like syntax highlighting, number base (decimal, hexadecimal, binary etc.), digit grouping, radix character (comma or dot), angle unit (degree or radian) and many more options.

You can also access formula book, constants, functions and your used variables from the View menu of the menubar. The formula book contains all the well known formulas from different fields like algebra, geometry, electronics, radio frequency etc. The functions include many different functions from various fields of mathematics like binary mathematics, trigonometry, hyperbolic functions, statistics and more. The constants library also has a huge variety of popular constants – mostly the weights of the chemical elements.

Conclusion: The Speedcrunch is a student oriented calculator for Windows. It presents the command line interface of storing the variables and has a built in library of many useful functions, formulas and constants from various fields of mathematics.

You can download Speedcrunch from http://www.speedcrunch.org/.