Make the Most of Your Mouse with AlwaysMouseWheel

These days computers are coming with touchscreens, operating systems are being designed for touch ready devices and experts are speculating that in future you will no longer require computer mouse to control the pointer on your screen. But for the time being, mouse is still the fastest way to control your programs in Windows. If you own a a mouse with wheel that is designed to scroll the webpages up and down, then you can get much more from it by using a free software called AlwaysMouseWheel. This program enhances your mouse features and lets you switch between open windows effortlessly just by using your mouse wheel.

The AlwaysMouseWheel software is available in a portable application format both for the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows. If you are not sure whether you have 64-bit Windows, then you can use the 64bit checker tool find out. After downloading the software, you can extract the contents of the downloaded ZIP archive and run AlwaysMouseWheel by double-clicking on the program executable.


The main window of AlwaysMouseWheel shows two options that you can choose for your mouse wheel – bring the window to the top or just forward mouse wheel command to the window. The second option is same as not using the AlwaysMouseWheel software. The first option lets you switch to any of thy open windows, just by hovering your mouse cursor over them and rotating the mouse wheel.

If you click on the # in the main window, it shows a popup menu that allows you to select even more options. You can choose to minimize the program to the system tray, automatically start it with Windows, use the wheel as volume control when the cursor is over the taskbar and more.


Conclusion: AlwaysMouseWheel is an easy, small and effective mouse enhancement tool that adds new functions to your plain old mouse wheel. Through AlwaysMouseWheel, you can use the mouse wheel to switch back and forth between any of the open windows and control the volume of your computer.

You can download AlwaysMouseWheel from