Avira Browser Safety Boosts Online Privacy and Protects from Harmful Sites

The cyber-criminals are concocting new ways to infect your PC with malware through malicious websites and rob you of your hard-earned money through phishing sites. The only way to protect yourself from such sites is to avoid visiting them. But you cannot know which site is harmful and which is safer to visit. This is where the Avira Browser Safety can help you out. Avira Browser Safety is a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox browsers. It protects you from harmful sites, boosts your online privacy by blocking trackers and provides you with a safer way to search online through Avira Safe Search.

You can get the Avira Browser Safety extension for your Chrome web browser from the Chrome web store site. The Firefox extension is available through only in the beta mode as of now. We tested the Chrome version of Avira Browser Safety for this article. After installation, it shows an Avira icon in the toolbar.

Now if you try to search anything in Google then Avira checks all the links in the search results and labels them safe (green) or unsafe(red). If you hover your mouse cursor near the top edge, it will also display a floating semi-transparent bar showing the safety status of the current website or the link that your mouse cursor is hover over.

Avira Browser Safety

Avira Browser Safety is not only limited to search results. When you visit a website that looks suspicious, you can quickly know about its safety status by clicking on the Avira icon in the toolbar. This will show the website safety status and any trackers used on that site in your browser window.

Avira Browser Safety

In the same window that shows a website’s safety and tracker usage, you can find a small gear like icon. You can click on this icon to open the Avira Browser Safety settings. In the settings, you can choose to toggle Avira Safe Search on newtab pages and Avira promotional offers.

Avira Browser Safety

If you enable the Avira Safe Search, then it will display the Avira Safe Search website as you open a new tab in your browser. The search sites seems to be based on Google with Avira logo branding.

Avira Browser Safety

Conclusion: The Avira Browser Safety extension for web browsers adds an extra layer of security to your everyday online activities. It can block trackers giving you better online privacy. It can also block harmful & malicious sites to give you a tension free web browsing experience.

Avira Browser Safety extension for Chrome can be downloaded from https://chrome.google.com/webstore/.

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