How to Backup Android Device with Nero BackItUp 2014

Keeping a backup of your files and documents is of utmost importance these days. In case of unpredictable events like memory card failure, device theft, loss or fire, you can restore your files from a backup easily. But if you have not created a backup, then all is lost. These basic principles of keeping a backup to keep your data secure also apply to Android devices. If you do not want to lose all your data that you have stored on your Android phone like pictures, music, contacts and other files, then you can use the free Nero BackItUp 2014 app to easily backup all your important files.

The free Nero BackItUp app comes with 5GB of free cloud backup, so you do not have to worry about where to backup your files. But it also allows you to create backups on your PC hard disk as well as your memory card.

Nero BackItUp 2014

When you launch Nero BackItUp after installing it for the first time, you have to select which files you want to backup and the backup target. You can tap on the Mobile icon to choose the source files. You can choose from photos, videos, music, contacts, call logs, messages and system settings.

Second step is to choose a target of backup (where backup would be placed). You can tap on the Target icon in the main Nero BackItUp screen to select a target. Nero BackItUp allows three targets – cloud backup, PC backup through WiFi and memory card. The best option of all three is the cloud backup and Nero gives you an option to sign up for free 5GB space from within the app itself. Although you have to open the email inbox and activate your account before you can use it.

Nero BackItUp 2014

Finally, you can tap on Backup Now in the target selection screen, or come back to the main Nero BackItUp screen and tap on the big green circle in the middle. The backup takes a long time even if you do not have much on your Android device.

Nero BackItUp 2014

Okay so you have created the backup, now how would you restore when time comes? You have to open the menu in the Nero BackItUp app, either by pressing the menu button on your Android device or by tapping on small menu icon on the top-right corner in Nero BackItUp app. From this menu, you can select to Restore backup, Delete backup and also open the app Settings.

Typically, the restore process involves selecting a source of backup (cloud storage, PC or SD card), then choosing which items you want to restore (photos, videos, music, call logs etc.) and finally tapping the Restore button. Again the process takes a longer time than anticipated.

Nero BackItUp 2014

In the Nero BackItUp settings, you can automate the backup process, choose to stop backup if battery charge drops to 20%, choose a default backup target, select an interface language and so on.

Nero BackItUp 2014

If you choose to backup your files and settings on the Nero cloud storage, then you can access the backed up files through any web browser by visiting and signing in using your Nero backup credentials.

Conclusion: The Nero BackItUp 2014 app is a complete backup app for all the Android devices. It allows you to backup your files and settings on PC, memory card as well as on the Nero cloud storage. Additionally, it provides free 5GB storage for everyone which makes keeping and accessing your backups very easy.

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