Dalenryder Batterie Bar Shows Your Laptop Battery Status

I prefer laptops and notebooks over the desktop computers mainly because of their portability. You can take them everywhere you go and use them while sitting comfortably in your couch or bed. The only problem with laptops is that they run of battery charge after a couple of hours and then you need to recharge them. It is even worse if their battery runs out of charge while you were working on some important document. If you want be in the know of how much battery charge remains in your laptop battery, then you can use the free Batterie Bar software.

The Batterie Bar software for Windows displays a small informational window on your desktop showing the amount of charge remaining in your laptop battery. It also shows buttons for shutting down or restarting your PC. The percentage of charge in your laptop battery is displayed in this window’s title bar for easy viewing. If the battery charge is dropping below 5%, then you can shutdown your PC to avoid loss of work you have been doing on it, attach it to an AC power outlet nearby and allow it to recharge.

Dalenryder Batterie Bar

In the settings for Batterie Bar, you can customize what is shown in the Batterie Bar window – for example, the restart button, the shutdown button,date and time etc. You can also customize the scan time interval for checking your battery charge status.

Dalenryder Batterie Bar

It also allows you to customize the looks of the Batterie Bar window. You can choose the backgrounds from a set of eight preset images or you can visit the DesignStore and download many more background images. The background images are used to be set as backgrounds for the Batterie Bar window which is transparent by default.

Dalenryder Batterie Bar

Batterie Bar can also be set to automatically restarted each time Windows boots. This option is present in the Autostart section of the settings window. You have to select the Autostart checkbox and click on the Save button to enable this option.

Dalenryder Batterie Bar

Conclusion: The Batterie Bar software can be used to show the battery charge level in your Windows based laptops. The Batterie Bar is highly customizable and allows you to shutdown or standby your laptop if the battery charge level goes to a lower level.

You can download Batterie Bar from http://dalenryder.com/Software/BatterieBar.html.

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