DUMo Informs You of Latest Device Drivers for Windows

When you buy a new piece of computer hardware, chances are high that it will come with a driver CD of some sort. This driver CD contains the essentials device driver installation files so that that hardware can be recognized properly and can work as expected in Windows. From time to time, the manufacturers keep releasing new device drivers for the same hardware. The new drivers improve the performance and possibly add new features to your old hardware. But how would you know of the latest versions of the device drivers for your PC? The freeware program DUMo seems to answer this question. DUMO is short for Drivers Updates Monitor and can inform you of any newer drivers available for your computer hardware.

You can get the DUMo from the KC Software website. The program is completely portable and thus can be carried by you in your USB key to be used on any Windows PC that you have. As you launch the DUMo software, it scans your computer for all the available hardware, the installed drivers, their versions and displays all this information in  a small list. In order to check for latest versions of device drivers, you have to click on the Refresh button.

DUMo - Drivers Update Monitor

It shows OK status if the drivers installed on your PC for a hardware are already current versions. If it does not show OK for some hardware, then you can select that hardware item from the list and click on the Download button. This will open a new page in your browser which makes it easy to search for latest drivers.

Conclusion: The Drivers Updates Monitor or (DUMo in short) is portable Windows application that allows you to quickly find out for any latest drivers available for your PC. It also makes it easy to Google for new versions of drivers.

You can download DUMo from http://www.kcsoftwares.com/?dumo/