Create, Edit, Resize and Move Partitions with EaseUs Partition Master

Whether you have just bought a new hard disk and want to install operating system on it, or you just want to rearrange the partitions on your old hard disk to suit your requirements, you can trust the free EaseUs Partition Master Home to take care of your partition management needs. It can create, edit, delete, resize, wipe, convert, split and move all types of partitions in Windows. This free EaseUs partition manager can work with partitions of up to 2GB size for MBR based disks and 4GB size for GPT based disks. It is compatible with EFI/UEFI based operating systems including Windows 8 and 8.1.

EaseUs Partition Master

Most of the new hard disks today come pre-formatted and ready to be used. But they usually have only a single partition. If you want to create extra partitions then you can use EaseUs Partition Master. Just select the hard disk from the list, delete the older partition by selecting Delete Partition from the operations list in the left side, and then create new smaller partitions in the unallocated space by by selecting Create Partition operation. It gives you options to choose a file system type (FAT, NTFS, EXT3, EXT2 etc.), drive letter, partition type (logical or primary) and cluster size. You can also choose the size and location of the partitions by dragging the slider control.

Create New Partition with EaseUs Partition Master

If you have created partitions previously and now want to merge them then you can select the Merge Partitions operation from the left side menu. This will open a window where you can select a hard disk and choose which partitions you want to merge. You can merge only consecutive partitions and only two partitions at a time. If you want to merge more than two partitions, then you can repeat this operation multiple times.

Merge Partitions with EaseUs Partition Master

The Resize/Move Partitions operation can help you make a partition larger or smaller for your needs. This operation can also be used to move a partition to different location on the hard disk. For example, you can move the system partition (on which Windows is installed) near the beginning of your hard disk for better performance. The interface gives you a slider that you can use to easily set the location (beginning and end) as well as the size of your partition. You can use this feature to resize the partition in Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 very easily.

Resize or move partitions with EaseUs Partition Master

If you want to create a partition to be the exact replica of another, then you can use the Copy Partition operation. This lets you to select an existing partition as the source and some unallocated space on your hard disks as the destination. It creates a new partition and copies everything from the source partition to this new partition.

Copy pasrtitions with EaseUs Partition Master

If you have some sensitive data (personal or financial files) that you want to erase forever in an irrecoverable manner, then EaseUs Partition Master offers you the Wipe partition tool. You can select this operation for any of the visible partitions in the list and choose the number of times you want it to overwrite data. It will write random data over all the existing or deleted files and will destroy all the contents of that partition.

Wipe Partition with EaseUs Partition Master

For all the operations that you perform, the EaseUs Partition Master does not make changes immediately. But lets you choose and customize all the operations that you would want to perform on your hard disks along with the option to undo them. When you are ready, you can click on the Apply button in the main EaseUs Partition Master window. Now it will actually perform all the operations on your hard disks and possibly ask you to reboot your PC.

EaseUs Partition Master

In addition to these main operations, it also features tools to defragment partitions, change their labels, change the drive letters assigned to the partitions by Windows, format a partition using a specific file system, convert partition-types between logical & primary and more.

If you have younger children in your house who possibly might try to play around with Partition Master and you fear that this can result in unintended deletion or wiping of partitions, then you can password protect the Partition Master software. You can access this feature by clicking on General from the menubar and selecting Set Password. Setting a password for Partition Master makes it ask for the password if you try to launch it.

EaseUs Partition Master

All in all, EaseUs Partition Master is a complete suite for managing your hard disk partitions. It allows you to easily manipulate your hard disk partitions. It supports many types of media types like HDD, SSD, SD cards and USB flash disk drives. Unlike other similar tools, it is very fast when it comes to copying, resizing or creating partitions. If you are looking for a safe, fast and reliable partition manager software, then look no further than EaseUs Partition Master.

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