How to Find if Android has Root or Superuser Access

There are many apps for Android that will refuse to run or work on your Android device if it is not rooted i.e., if you are not running Android with root or superuser access. The root user in Linux is considered to be most powerful and has access to everything whether hardware or software. Since Android is also based on Linux, it also has root user and running Android with root user grants you with unlimited access to all the operating system. While there are many different methods to root an Android device (and most of the void the warranty), there is a simple way to know whether you are running Android with root or superuser access.

You can easily find out whether you have root access using the Root Checker app. This app tries to locate the su program in Android operating system and when it is found, it asks su to grant itself superuser permissions. If permissions are granted, then it will confirm that you have a rooted device.

First of all, you will have to open Google Play Store in your Android device, search for “Root Checker” app and install it on your Android smartphone or tablet. Then you can launch it from the All Apps screen.

The Root Checker app has a very simple screen with a single button labeled Verify Root. You have to tap on this button to proceed. As soon as, you tap on this button Android should popup a confirmation message asking whether you want to grant superuser access to the Root Checker app. You should give it only 10 minutes superuser access.

Find if Android has Root Access

Now you can close the Root Checker app by selecting Exit from menu. This is because the superuser access would be applied the next time this app is launched. After you launch the Root Checker app again, tap on the Verify Root button once more. It will display your device name followed by a green colored message that your device has root access. If your device does not have root access then you would see a red colored message reading that your device does not have proper root access.

Find if Android has Root Access

Conclusion: A rooted Android device has access to deeper layers of the operating system. Many apps like Titanium Backup require your Android devices to have root access. You can easily find out whether you Android smartphone or tablet has root access through the free Root Checker app.

You can get the Root Checker app from Google Play Store at