Baku Makes Windows Run Smoother and Cleaner

Have you noticed that after a few months of regular use the free hard disk space in your computer dwindles down to a few measly GBs. Of course, if you have a large hard disk, then it is a different story. But in any case the hard disk gets pummeled with junk files so bad, that it sometimes runs like a snail. The junk files and obsolete registry entries slow down your Windows in the same way as the browser history slows down a web browser. If you clean these junk files off your PC, then Windows and other applications run once again like brand new.

The free Baku software can help you get rid of unnecessary files, obsolete registry entries, duplicate files and most recently used (MRU) files lists from Windows. It also has many other tools like registry files compacter, registry backup & restore, drivers backup & restore, hidden installations viewer and more.

As you launch Baku after installing it for the first time, you would see a screen with four cleanup options – search for unneeded files, search registry for errors, search MRU entries and search for duplicate files.


You can choose any of these options and follow the on-screen directions to perform the selected cleanup operation. You have to be extra careful when selecting the Deleting options, because the interface of Baku can be confusing. The Delete options decide whether the found items should be sent to recycle bin or securely deleted etc.


Other than these basic cleanup tools, Baku also has registry compact, registry backup and registry restore tools – all of which can be accessed from the menubar. But you should not compact the registry unless you are really running out of the hard disk space. There are also tools  to backup your existing installed drivers and restore them later on. You can also view hidden installation that are not usually visible from the Windows control panel.


Conclusion: Baku is an integrated solution for cleaning up your Windows PC. It can search and remove unneeded files, obsolete registry entries, duplicate files and MRU entries. Additionally, it also has tools to backup your Windows registry and installed drivers.

You can download Baku from