CookieSwap : Manage Multiple Account Logins in Firefox

When you login to a website, that website stores the login information in form of cookies in our web browser. Next time you visit that website, it reads the login information from the stored cookies and you do not have to enter the login credentials over and over again. But what if you have more than one account for a website? If you login with a second account for a website, then the older cookies are removed and you stay logged in only to one account at a time in the browser. But using the CookieSwap extension for the Firefox web browser, you can manage the user profiles to switch back and forth different accounts for any website by swapping the cookies.

After you have installed the CookieSwap extension in Firefox, it will add two icons for the extension – one in the browser navigation toolbar and another in the add-on’s toolbar. By clicking on this icon, you can switch to any of the profiles listed there. By default, profiles are named generically like Profile1, Profile 2 etc. But you can rename the profiles in the CookieSwap extension options.



By switching to a profile, you swap the cookies stored while you were using the web browser under that profile and the website uses the information stored in the respective cookies. You can also choose to remove the cookies for a profile or for all the profiles.

In the options for the CookieSwap extension, you can manage the profiles (rename, add or delete the profiles), choose which items are displayed in the menu for the CookieSwap toolbar icons, whether to reload the webpages after switching to different profiles (so as to automatically login using different credentials for a website).


Conclusion: The CookieSwap extension lets you switch to different accounts for any website with a single mouse click. It stores the login related cookies in different profiles and by switching the profiles, you can switch the logged in accounts easily.

You can download the CookieSwap extension from