How to Disable Services in Android Smartphone

A service is a special type of program that keeps running in the background and performs some tasks when triggered by certain conditions. Though they may be called with different names, services exist in all the operating systems like Linux (in Linux they are sometimes called daemons), Windows, Mac and Android. If you have an Android smartphone, then sometimes you cannot uninstall an app because a service related to that app is running. In this scenario, you have to first disable those services before you can uninstall the related app.

In Android, it is not easy to stop running services, but the free Disable Service app makes it much easier. As you must have guessed, manipulating the services requires you to have superuser permissions, i.e., you must be using a rooted Android device.

When you launch the Disable Service app, it shows you all the apps installed on your device (both the user installed apps as well as the system apps) along with all the installed or running services related to these apps. The number of services is written next to the name of the apps. The blue color number shows the number of running services, red color number shows the number of disabled services, and in the end the total number of services for an app is shown in the gray/white color.

Disable Service Android

You can tap on any of these apps to see a detailed list of the all the service pertaining to that app. The list shows both the short readable name of the services, as well as their full long names which make sense only to the Android developers. You can select one or more of the services, Google about them and copy there names to the clipboard.

Disable Service Android

You can uncheck any service to disable it. You can also select multiple services and then disable them all in one go from the option bar that appears on the top. As you try to disable any service, it shows the superuser permissions request dialog in which you must tap on Allow to disable the services.

Disable Service Android

Conclusion: The Disable Service app makes it very easy to disable any service in Android. It can enable or disable services related to both the user installed apps as well as the system apps. It requires a rooted device to work, as the management of the services can be done only through superuser access.

You can download the Disable Service app from