Kaboom It : Create & Share Self Destructing Links

Although internet is the best research tool these days, it also has its own problems. One of the troubles with the internet is that once some information goes online, it stays online. If you share a link to your birthday pictures, it will be spidered by search engines, copied by other people and shared all over the web. Now even if you remove your original links or pictures, it is too late because the the material has spread all over the internet. This is why Kaboom It web app brings a solution – it allows you to create links that self destruct after a preset period of time. This way you can share your links and pictures on social media without any fear.

Kaboom It

The Kaboom It web app requires you to create an account which is pretty easy. After creation of the account, and signing in to your account, you will be ready to share your links and pictures with your friends and colleagues. In the Kaboom It web interface, you have to enter the link that you want to share. If you want to share pictures then you can drag-n-drop them on the Kaboom It webpage. After this you can choose the number of days after which you want to have this link destructed and click on the Share button.

Kaboom It

Now you would be shown a short link for sharing with your friends. You can choose to email this link, share it to your facebook timeline or twitter stream. But you can share it on the internet in any possible way you can think of. The shared link will stop working and redirect to the Kaboom It website after it has expired. For this reason, I think it is a wise idea if you tell people that they should not use the link after specified time.

Kaboom It

Conclusion: Kaboom It web app creates short URLs for your links with an expiry date. The links expire or self-destruct after a pre-specified time interval. You can use it for creating temporary disposable links shared over the social networks for improved privacy.

You can visit the Kaboom It website at http://kaboomit.com/.


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