Keep Android Smartphone Safe From Kids with Toddler Paint Lite + Child Lock

Whenever my two year old niece sees me, the first thing she does is reach out in my shirt’s pocket and grab my Android smartphone. And if I try to take it back, she starts to cry and throws herself on the ground, followed by non-stop screaming. I do not not mind letting have some fun with Android smartphone, the only thing that worries me is that she can accidentally makes some calls, deleted emails or files. She is smart enough to know the difference between the lock screen and the apps, so I cannot just lock the screen with a password. This is why I am using the free Toddle Paint Lite + Child Lock app that replaces the home screen in Android, prevents young kids from accessing main Android features and instead shows them a coloring app which is fun for the toddlers.

The Toddler Paint Lite + Child Lock is a combination of two apps – a small coloring app with lots of crayons and a lock screen app. The effect is that it locks the screen and shows a coloring screen to the kids which keeps them busy and avoids them accidentally making calls or launching apps.

When you start this app, it shows a small informational screen where you have to tap on the Start button. After which you have to select Toddler Paint Lite as the default home screen app, to be used Always.

Toddler Paint Lite + Child Lock

Now whenever you or your kids use the home screen key in the Android device, it shows the Toddler Paint Lite app instead. (In order to use the usual Launcher app, you can exit the Toddler Paint Lite). In this app, your kids can use the crayons to draw pictures or open coloring images to color them. It has many options like changing the background color, playing sound events, using different pen tips etc.

Toddler Paint Lite + Child Lock

In the settings (which are opened only after entering the PIN code 1234), you can choose to lock the volume level (so that your kids cannot increase the volume and drive you crazy) and disable the child lock (so you do not have to enter the PIN code when opening settings and exiting the app).

Toddler Paint Lite + Child Lock

If you want to use the Android smartphone yourself, then you can tap on the Exit button in the picture coloring app and it would ask you for a PIN code. After you enter 1234 as the PIN code, it will exit the app and you can use the device as usual.

Toddler Paint Lite + Child Lock

Conclusion: If you have small children in your house who love to play with your Android smartphones or tablets, then the Toddler Paint Lite + Child Lock app is going to be very useful for you. It locks your screen to prevent accidental taps from kids and shows the small coloring app that kids love very much.

You can download the Toddler Paint Lite + Child Lock app from

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