Kickass Undelete : Recover Accidentally Deleted Files

One accidental click on your mouse or a slip of a finger and you may end up accidentally deleting your files. And once you delete files by accident, you get all bewildered and start doing things that must be avoided. For example, you should not copy any new files on the partition from which you have accidentally deleted files. Similarly, you should not install any new software. Instead you should download and use a file recovery program like Kickass Undelete that can easily recover all the deleted files from your hard disks, memory cards, USB disks and more.

The Kickass Undelete program is an open source application that can be downloaded from the sourceForge website. It works will all sorts of storage devices like SD cards, memory cards, USB flash disks, hard disks, solid state disks and more. It does not require any installation. You can launch is immediately after the installation.

The Kickass Undelete program works in three stages. In the first stage, you have to select the storage device or partition from the left-side listbox. If you want to search for particular file types, then you can type in the partial filename in the text box. Then you can click on the large Scan button to scan the selected partition for deleted files.

Kickass Undelete

When the scanning is finished, it will display all the deleted files on the selected partition. You can select the files that you want to recover and then click on the Restore Files button, select a destination folder and it will recover the selected files in a few seconds.

Kickass Undelete

Conclusion: Kickass Undelete is an open source file recovery program that helps you quickly recover deleted files from a large number of storage devices. It supports hard disks, SD cards, memory cards and many other types of storage media.

You can download Kickass Undelete from