Knock Lock : Quickly Lock Your Android Device Screen

On a standard Android smartphone, the continuous drainage of the battery charge is the main cause of worry for many of the users. This is why when you look for a new smartphone, you should always look for a smartphone with a bigger battery that can last at least a day on regular use. But you can also save the battery charge by turning off the smartphone screen quickly and disabling some of the unnecessary apps from running. You can configure Android to switch off the screen after 10 seconds of inactivity, but if you do not want to do this, then you can use the free Knock Lock app that allows you to quickly turn off the Android screen just by tapping on the screen.

Knock App is very useful if you want to quickly send the Android smartphone to the sleep mode. Knock Lock allows you to select a rectangular area on your display to enable “knock to sleep” feature. The location and the size of this rectangular area can be configured from within the app settings.

When you launch the Knock Lock app for the first time, it shows a red screen implying that the Knock Lock service is disabled. You can tap on the Open Android Service Settings button to open the settings screen for the service.

Knock Lock Android

On the Android service settings page, it would show you options to allow the Knock Lock app to use the administrator privileges to lock the device screen. You have to tap on the Activate button to activate the Knock Lock service.

Knock Lock Android

After activating the service, the Knock Lock app screen would switch to the green color indicating that everything is running smoothly. You can tap on the settings icon to open the app settings which allow you to change the location and the size of the Knock Lock area on the screen. You can drag the red K area on your screen to change its position on the screen. When you click on the red gear icon to save the settings, it also allows you to change the size of the area.

Knock Lock Android

Once you have set the position of the Knock Lock area, you can tap two times on this area, no matter what is appearing on your screen, and your device would immediately go into the standby mode. There is no unlock method implemented yet, but you can press the Power button of the Android device to bring it back to working mode.

Conclusion: If you are tired of squeezing the power button brutally in order to turn off the Android device screen, then you can use the Knock Lock app. This app allows you to easily switch off the Android screen, just by tapping twice in a designated area on the screen.

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