Optimize PDF Files for Reading on Smaller Screens with k2pdfopt

The PDF documents have become a de facto standard of document formats usually shared online. They retain the same quality and look, no matter on which system they are viewed or printed. But most of the PDF files available online are created for the large screen desktop computers. Almost all of the PDF documents are either in the US letter or in the A4 paper sizes. These documents do not appear well on smaller screen devices like Kindle, tablets and smartphones. You can zoom the documents on some of these small devices but that affects the readability of the PDF files. If you want to read the PDF files on your smaller screen devices without any trouble, then you can optimize the PDF files to fit on the smaller screens using the free k2pdfopt program.

The k2pdfopt program is a free application for Windows, Mac and Linux. It can quickly optimize your PDF and DJVU documents to look better and improves their readability on smaller screen devices.

In the k2pdfopt window, you can add as many PDF and DJVU files as you want. After this, you have to select a preset or device from the drop-down list on the top-right corner. You can also select the height, width and the DPI manually to match with your device’s screen.

k2pdfopt - PDF Optimize for Small Screen

At the bottom, you can select the page range that you want to convert, whether you want portrait or landscape orientation, native PDF support, OCR (reduces file size) and more. You can also see a live preview in the lower-right corner. When you are satisfied, you can click on the Convert All Files button at the bottom.

This would start the conversion process which can be lengthy if you have a PDF file with lots of images in it or you have selected OCR option. In the end, it would show you options to open the resulting PDF file or open the destination folder containing your PDF file. Now you can copy this file to your small screen device like your tablet or smartphone and enjoy reading it.

k2pdfopt - PDF Optimize for Small Screen

Conclusion: The readability of the large size PDF document reduces on smaller screen devices like Kindle, tablets, smartphones etc. The free k2pdfopt can optimize PDF and DJVU files to fit better on the small screens so that you can read them easily without having to zoom in.

You can download k2pdfopt from http://www.willus.com/k2pdfopt/download/.