Use Multiple Skype Accounts Simultaneously Using Multi Skype Launcher

More and more people are using the the VoIP based telephony services because they are much more affordable than the traditional cellphone networks. In my office, I personally use the Skype account for all the business calls. But I also have a personal Skype account that I use for staying in touch with my family members and friends. Normally you can use only one Skype account on a PC at a single time. But if you want to use two or more than two Skype account simultaneously, then you can use the Multi Skype Launcher application for Windows.

The Multi Skype Launcher is a simple and small application that makes it very easy to launch two or more instances of Skype and login with different Skype credentials for all of them. When you start Multi Skype Launcher for the very first time, it shows a small interface where you can click on the Add button to add a new Skype account.

Multi Skype Launcher

In the window that opens up, you have to enter your Skype credentials – Skype username (learn how to find your Skype username) and the Skype login password. You can also choose options – whether you want run Skype minimized or automatically login to the Skype account at Windows logon.

Multi Skype Launcher

You can use the same method to add as many Skype accounts as you want. There is virtually no limit to the number of Skype accounts that you can add to the Multi Skype Launcher. Once you are done adding the Skype accounts, you can select one of them from the list and then click on the Launch button. This would launch the Skype client with the selected Skype credentials.

Conclusion: The Multi Skype Launcher is a very small and efficient application that helps you use multiple Skype accounts simultaneously on the same computer. If you use more than one Skype accounts regularly, this tool can prove to be very useful for you.

You can download Multi Skype Launcher from

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  1. Can you help me find the location in my Win7 desktop files and folders for the user data (id and passwords) that Multi Skype Launcher uses?

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