AntiSnooper : Stop Nosey People from Looking at Your Screen

When I was in college, I had a nosey roommate who would check my computer screen every time she passed by me. This became annoying over time to the point that I had to change the rooms in the dormitory. Why are some people so snoopy and keep prying into other people’s matters? If you also have to deal with people who stare at your computer screen for a good many seconds first and greet you later, then you can make use of the free application AntiSnooper. This application obfuscates the contents of any selected window as soon as you move the mouse cursor away from it, so that your nosey coworker or roommate can see nothing but some garbled pixels.

AntiSnooper is a Windows application and works for all the version of Windows from XP to 8.1. After you install this program it places an icon in the Windows system tray through which you can open its main interface and toggle it on or off. In the AntiSnooper window, under the Windows Protection section, you can select any open and visible window that you want to protect. If you do not want to select a window from the list manually, then it also allows you select any window by clicking on it.


After you select the window that you want to hide from your snoopy friends, it shows you options to obfuscate the contents of that window. You can choose a timeout period after which protection is automatically removed, select the degree of obscurity you want and choose a profile name.


As you click OK the protection is applied and now the contents of the window would be obscured, unless you move the mouse cursor on that window. In the following screenshot, I have selected the Notepad window to be obscured.


Although you can work with protection applied to any window as long as the window is in focus, but if you want to permanently remove the protection, then you would have to open the Protected Profiles section in the AntiSnooper window. Then you can select the profile and either edit it to remove the obscurity level or delete the profile.


Conclusion: AntiSnooper is a great tool to protect your privacy from your nosey people at work, public places or your dorm room. It obscures the contents of any selected window so that your snoopy friends cannot look at what you are doing on your PC. It would have been even better if it had options to show a message on top of the obscured content, something like “What are you looking at?” or “Mind your own business”.

You can download AntiSnooper from

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