How to Copy Plain Text in Firefox Without Any Formatting

Often I have to write reviews for various products and this involves copy-pasting of the product names from their websites into Microsoft Word. But most of the websites use large font sizes, eye-catching font faces and sparkling colors for the product titles and that creates a problem in Microsoft Word. I type the rest of the review in Microsoft Word using the popular Times New Roman font but when I copy-paste the title, it looks very odd because the title retains the original text formatting. One of the workaround for this problem is to use Notepad as an intermediary – you copy the text from website, paste it in Notepad, then copy it from Notepad and paste in Microsoft Word. But this is very exhausting and annoying at times, especially if you have to do this on a regular basis. If you are a Firefox user then the “Copy As Plain Text” extension can help you copy-paste text without any formatting.

After you install this “Copy As Plain Text” extension in Firefox, it adds an extra item in the context menu. Now when you select some text and right-click on it, you would see a new item in the right-click menu – Copy As Plain Text. If you select this from the context-menu, Firefox will copy the selected to the clipboard after removing all the formatting including the font face, font color and font size.

Copy As Plain Text

In the Settings for the “Copy As Plain Text” extension, you can choose to trim the extra space surrounding the selected text, remove duplicate space inside the text and remove the duplicate blank lines. These options can really eradicate post-pasting editing in the Microsoft Word and save your time.

One another option enables overriding the default copy method. This way even if you select Copy from the context-menu, it still strips off all the formatting from the selected text. This option should be enabled if you do a lot of copy-pasting from webpages to word processors like MS Word or Open Office at your work.

Copy As Plain Text

Conclusion: The “Copy As Plain Text” extension for Firefox allows you to copy the text in the plain format as it strips off all the formatting including font size, family and color from the copied text. This can be very helpful when you have to copy-paste text from webpages to word processors.

You can download “Copy As Plain Text” extension from