DupKiller Finds Duplicate Files on Your Computer

It is unbelievable that how many duplicate files are present on our hard disks. These identical files exist perhaps because you downloaded the same file more than once, or created backups and forgot to remove the older identical files. Some programs also create many files that are identical to each other. On my hard disk, there are many duplicate MP3 and image files. These identical duplicate files serve no purpose and just occupy the valuable hard disk space on your computer. If you want to find and remove such duplicate files on your computer, then you can use the free DupKiller program,

DupKiller is a Windows application that can detect duplicate files of all types on hard disks, CD/DVDs, removable drives, network drives and many other types of media. Because USB pen drives, memory cards and portable USB disk drive also fall under the category of “removable drives”, it can find duplicate files on them as well.


After starting DupKiller program the first thing that you have to do is select the disk drives that you want to search for duplicate files. In the settings, you can also specify various types of criteria like what type of files to look for, what file names or folders should be excluded and file comparison settings (compare files based on file names, file size, file content and so on). For better results, you should select to compare files based on their file content.


After these steps, you can click on the Scan button and it will start going through the selected drives to find duplicate files. A text based progress is shown about what it is doing and how many duplicate file groups have been found. When the search is completed, you can click on any file to see its preview in a tiny window. You can select one or more files in a group that you wanted to remove and click on the Delete selected button in the toolbar. But be careful not to delete all the files from a single group.


Conclusion: The DupKiller program offers an easy and fast way to search and delete the duplicate files on your hard disk, memory cards, USB pen drives, and other types of storage media. By deleting the duplicate files, DupKiller can help you claim free space otherwise taken up multiple duplicate files which serve no useful purpose.

You can download DupKiller from http://dupkiller.com/index_en.html.