Forecastfox Lite for Chrome Shows Weather Forecast in New Tab

If you are a daily commuter, then you should be always informed about the current weather conditions outside your air conditioned office as well as know about how the weather may turn up in a few minutes through the hourly weather forecast. These days, you can use your smartphone to check for weather forecast, but why waste time in taking out your smartphone and looking through different apps. You can check the latest weather forecast right inside your Chrome web browser’s new tab page using the Forecastfox Lite extension. This allows you to quickly check the weather conditions and forecast for your location while you are working on your computer.

The Forecastfox Lite extension is a trimmed down version of a Firefox extension of the same name. This extension is designed by – one of the most popular weather forecast sites in the world.

After you have installed this Forecastfox Lite extension in your Chrome web browser, all you have to do is open a new tab. You can open a new tab either by clicking on the new-tab button in the tab bar, or by using the hotkey Ctrl + T.

Forecastfox Weather for Chrome

It shows the current temperature, current weather conditions, time and location along with the forecast for the next three days. The time format and the temperature unit can be toggled easily by clicking on them. Most of the items are links to the AccuWeather website, so you can click on the brief weather condition or forecasts and it will open the detailed information at the AccuWeather website.

By default, it shows the weather conditions for your location as determined by your IP address. But you can change the location manually by clicking on the location name displayed at the top. This will show a window where you can search for a new location and set it to be current location. The changes take place immediately and weather for the new location is displayed immediately.

Forecastfox Weather for Chrome

Conclusion: Forecastfox Lite for Chrome displays current weather conditions and temperature for your location. The extension is powered by AccuWeather and can determine your location automatically through your IP address.

You can download Forecastfox Lite from