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When my sister Krista sent sales report in five PDF files to her boss, she was given a subtle but brusque hint about sending the reports only in one PDF file in the future. We all have been in situations like this when we are dealing with multiple PDF files and we want to join them together into a single PDF document, but most of us give up at the thought of editing PDF files and soon forget about it. Actually joining PDF files together is a very easy task, especially when you have tools like PDF Combiner at your avail. PDF Combiner is a free tool to merge multiple PDF files together without having to edit them.

PDF Combiner is designed by Michal Janowski who claims that it can merge PDF files only in three steps. The PDF Combiner comes as  a standalone program as well as in a setup installer format. It is coded using Microsoft .NET 4.0 and you need to install .NET Framework redistributable in Windows before you can use PDF Combiner.

PDF Combiner

The first step is to add PDF files to the PDF Combiner application. It supports drag-n-drop feature, so you can just drag the PDF files on to the PDF Combiner window and they would be added to the list. You can also click on the Add Files button to add the PDF documents. Obviously, you have to add at least two PDF files for it to work.

In the second step, which is optional, you can arrange the order of the PDF files – which PDF files is added first, followed by which PDF files and so on. These PDF files appear in the same order in the final merged PDF document.

PDF Combiner

Finally, you can click on the Combine PDFs button to merge all the PDF files in the list in the same order as they appear in it. If you have selected the option Open created document, then the created PDF file shall be opened and displayed in your computer’s default PDF viewer application.

Conclusion: The PDF Combiner is a small, fast, reliable and free Windows application that can help you merge multiple PDF files into a single PDF document. It combines the PDF files very fast and produces high quality PDF documents.

You can download PDF Combiner from


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