Save Entire Webpages into PDF Files with 7-PDF Website Converter

Internet is one of the primary sources of research in today’s date. If you want to find about anything, just search about it in any of the major search engines and you are going to find a plethora of information about that topic. In the ancient times people went to Alexandria in search of knowledge, now they just go online and consult Google.  If you want to save the information found on a webpage, then you can print the webpage using your printer and save that information for future reference. But why waste paper and printer ink or toner when you can save the information in form of PDF files. You can use the free 7-PDF Website Converter to save any webpage in form of PDF files without even opening your web browser.

The 7-PDF Website Converter is available both in form of an installer as well as a portable application. After the installation, you can launch it from its desktop shortcut. The main window interface allows you to drag-n-drop any URL or webpage link shortcut from your web browser window to the 7-PDF Website Converter window. But you can also manually type in the URL. You can also choose the PDF document size and orientation here.

7-PDF Website Converter

The Advanced settings are not available in the free version, so we can skip them. Under the Save Options tab, you would find options to choose a location for the PDF files that you are going to create. You can choose options to select a default folder for saving the PDF files and open the PDF files as soon as they are created.

7-PDF Website Converter

When you are ready to create the PDF file, you can click on the Convert to PDF button near the top-right corner and it would go to work right away. A log of the progress shall be shown in the 7-PDF Website Converter window to let you know what is going on. If you see an error while reading the webpage, then you might have to allow the 7-PDF Website Converter program in your firewall software. When the PDF file is generated, you can go ahead and open it using any PDF viewer application or save it to a secure location. If the webpage fits in multiple pages, then all the pages are included in a single PDF file.

7-PDF Website Converter

Conclusion: The free 7-PDF Website Converter application for Windows allows you to easily save any website into PDF files. It can automatically create clickable PDF links from website links and website navigations.

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