USB Tweaks : Prepare USB Flash Disk with Autorun

Everybody owns one or more USB flash disks these days. A few years ago, USB keys used to come in the standard pen shapes (hence called USB pen drives), but now they are coming in many different innovating styles, e.g., in the design of ladies hair-pin, standard finger ring, plastic wrist band, key chain and many more. If you want to see new creative USB flash disk designs, then all you have to do is visit any online shopping site and search for USB keys. But with these all USB keys at your avail, it becomes difficult to manage them. If you want to format your USB flash disk and start all over, then you can use the free USB Tweaks software from SubiSoft.

The SubiSoft USB Tweaks (also known as Flash Tweaker) software is a simple tool designed to tweak your USB flash disks. It is able to format your USB disk with the standard file systems like FAT32, FAT and NTFS. It can set the drive label and drive icon for the disk. You can also set any program or command to be autorun when you insert the USB disk into the USB port of your computer.

USB USB Tweaks is a portable program. You can extract the contents of the downloaded ZIP archive and run it directly by clicking on USBTweak.exe. It will automatically detect all the plugged in USB keys in your system. If you decide to attach the USB key after running the program, then you can click on the refresh button to have it detected.

USB Tweaks

In the USB Tweaks window, it will show you the available free space and the total space of the USB key. You can type in the drive label, drive icon from an ICO file or an EXE file, and a program that you want to automatically run (this program should already exist on the USB key). Clicking on the Apply button would generate the autorun.inf file which carried all this information.

You may have to remove the USB key from the computer, wait a few seconds and re-insert it again in order to see the changes. In addition to the autorun settings, it can also format your USB key and erase all the data on it. If you have to delete all the files on the USB key, then it is better to “quick” format it instead in order to extend its life.

Conclusion: The USB Tweaks (Flash Tweaker) is a simple software that allows you to format your USB keys and setup an autorun.inf file on it through which you can set the drive label, drive icon and autorun program for the USB key.

You can download USB Tweaks (Flash Tweaker) from