Belarc Security Advisor for Android Scans for Possible Vulnerabilities

These days you cannot stay protected just by installing an antivirus product on your smartphone. The cyber-criminals often take advantages of the vulnerabilities present in obsolete software to get in and further infect your computer or smartphone. To keep yourself shielded to the maximum extent, you also have to keep yourself up-to-date with the latest versions of different apps and Android updates. You should also remove or disable the apps that may have some security vulnerability and pose a security threat. But checking which of the installed apps have security vulnerabilities is not an easy job, unless you have installed the Belarc Security Advisor for Android. The Belarc Advisor scans your Android device for apps having known vulnerabilities and notifies you so that you can take further action.

Like its popular Windows version, Belarc Security Advisor for Android simply scans your Android system for all the installed apps, compares them with their database of vulnerabilities and shows you if any of the apps on your smartphone is risky. After launching Belarc Security Advisor, you can just tap on the Start Scan button to begin the scanning which does not take much time to complete.

Belarc Security Advisor for Android

At the end of the scan, you will be shown a list of all the vulnerable apps installed on your system. On my Android phone, it did not find any such risky programs – but if it does find any such vulnerable apps on your phone, then you can either check it for updates or just disable it. It can also find vulnerabilities in the Android OS itself, in that case you may have to upgrade the Android OS. Other than the vulnerable apps, you can also see the list of all the apps that it has scanned on your system.

Belarc Security Advisor for Android

In the settings for the Belarc Security Advisor for Android, you can choose to perform the scan as soon as it is launched. This option can save you from the manual tapping on the Start Scan button, which is a good thing for today’s people who really do not have any time or patience for waiting.

Belarc Security Advisor for Android

Conclusion: The Belarc Security Advisor for Android can show you whether your version of Android OS or any apps installed on your Android device have any known vulnerabilities. Once you find such vulnerabilities on your device, you can either update the affected apps or disable them.

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