Easily Locate Mouse on the Screen with Show Mouse Click

If you have a large computer screen, then sometimes you may lose your mouse cursor on the screen. On such occasions, some of us frantically shake the mouse around so that we can see the cursor but it still sometimes evades us and sits camouflaged in the crevice of a corner of your screen. But why chase after the mouse when you can locate it just by clicking it once? Yes, if you use the free software “Show Mouse Click”, then it becomes very easy to locate the missing mouse cursor on the screen. When the Show Mouse Click program is active and you click with your mouse, it draws a small circle at the point where you clicked – helping you locate the mouse instantly.

The Show Mouse Click software is a portable program, so you can run it without having to install anything on your system. As you launch this program, it places an icon in the Windows system tray. You can right-click on this icon and choose to toggle the Show Mouse Click state between active and inactive. As you may have guessed that the program works only when it is active.

Show Mouse Click

When the program is active and you click or double-click using your left mouse button anywhere on your screen, it will draw a small green dot (although my friends think it is a circle). If you are not able to see this dot, then perhaps you have to make many of these dots quickly so your eyes can notice some changes on your screen.

Show Mouse Click

By default the dot color is green, but you can configure Show Mouse Click to customize this dot color. You can open the settings by right-clicking on the system tray icon for Show Mouse Click. In the settings window, you can choose one of the basic colors from the list. You can also choose the time interval for which the dot is displayed on your screen (by default, it is displayed for 0.5 seconds).

Show Mouse Click

Conclusion: The Show Mouse Click software draws a colored dot on your screen when you click or double-click on it. This can help you locate your missing mouse cursor when you cannot find it on the screen.

You can download Show Mouse Click from https://nezinvarda.webs.com.