Increase Smartphone Battery Life with Trend Micro Lengevity

I let my my smartphone charge all night long, so I do not have to worry about it during the day. But smartphones with big screens and always connected to some sort of internet ready network (Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G) seem to drain the battery faster. This is perhaps why there is a new trend of buying portable battery charge banks along with a new smartphone. My own smartphone with 100% battery charge lasts only till 3 PM in the afternoon and then I have to look for a place where I can hook my phone and charge it a little bit. Sometimes when I am in office I can easily charge it connecting it to any computer. But when I am outside, I always have to stop at a coffee place to drink some coffee and charge the phone.

If your smartphone drains the battery too fast, then you can actually adjust some of its settings to make the battery last longer. The Trend Micro’s app Longevity can help you configure your Android smartphone in such a way as to maximize the battery life in every way possible.

Trend Micro Longevity Battery Saver

In general, Trend Micro Longevity works in two different ways – just a phone mode and smart power saved mode. The Just-a-phone mode switches off all the functions of your smartphone that make it a smartphone and turns it into a basic cellphone that you can use only to make and receive calls. This mode can be used when you are not going to use various apps or different networks (Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, Bluetooth etc.) in order to save the battery life.

Trend Micro Longevity Battery Saver

The smart power saver mode is a dynamic mode for saving the battery life. It monitors when you are not using the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or 3G and turns them off. When you try to use them, it turns them back on. This way it dynamically switches on or off various features that can actually drain a lot of charge from your battery.

Trend Micro Longevity Battery Saver

Under the Power Hogs section, it also shows you a graphical summary about various features of your phone that can actually use up the battery quickly and make it last only for a few hours. You can tap on these different features and turn them off or adjust their settings.

Trend Micro Longevity Battery Saver

Conclusion: The Trend Micro Longevity battery saver app for Android works in a smarter way to keep your smartphone battery from draining quickly and make it last for more than a day after one full charge. This app is a must for all the Android smartphone users.

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