How to Mute Android Smartphone with Single Touch

These days smartphones are everywhere and everyone carries them almost all the time. Perhaps this is because these smartphones have become really powerful machines in the recent years. Now there are smartphones powered by quad-core  and octa-core processors and equipped with 2 GB or more RAM.  They allow you perform almost any task that you would want to do on your desktop computer. You can listen to music, watch HD videos, edit Word documents, play games, visit websites, create programs and much more. But they also create the problem of making you deaf to others when you are listening to music on your smartphone. You do not really hear what other people are saying, unless you close the media player or remove the earphones from your ears.

If you often find someone waiting for you to remove the earphones or close the media player in your Android smartphone, then you may find the Mute app for Android very useful. This app gives you the flexibility of muting everything on your Android smartphone at the touch of a button.

After the installation of the Mute app, it places a shortcut to this app on your home screen (at least in Android Kitkat 4.4.2 that I am using). The icon looks like a whistle that policemen used to carry with them. Even if it does not create a shortcut on the home screen, you can easily drag it there. The shortcut should be on the home screen so that you can easily find it whenever you need it.

Now when you have to mute your Android device, all you have to do is tap on this Mute app shortcut. One touch and all sound on your Android will be muted – no whistles and no bells! It will also show a notification saying “Mute On”.

Mute Android Quickly

Later on when you have to unmute the phone once again, you can tap on the Mute app shortcut once again. This time it will show the message “Mute Off”. What can be simpler than that?

Conclusion: The Mute app for Android makes is possible for you to mute or unmute your smartphone in just once touch. The simple, no-configuration, no-interface app can be useful when someone (like a traffic police officer) wants to talk to you and you have to mute the Android device very fast.

You can install the Mute app for Android from