Quickly Show/Hide Desktop Icons in Windows with Diswy

Gone are the days when people actually bought computer books about how to use Windows. Over the years many things have improved in Windows and it has now become much easier to start using a Windows PC. And if you have a touchscreen PC, then using Windows is a piece of cake everyone in your family. Even my two years old niece can use her little fingers to drag the pictures on the Windows 8 screen. But when she is using the Windows PC, I make all the icons disappear using the free Diswy tool so that she does not open any important files by accident.

The Diswy tool does not have any user interface and that’s what makes it really great for quickly hiding or showing the desktop icons in Windows. All you have to do is run the Diswy tool once and all the icons on your Windows desktop will disappear. In Windows 8, it also hides the desktop background for some reason. It also disables the desktop context-menu, so that you cannot right-click on the desktop to bring any context-menus. Running the Diswy tool again will make the icons visible once again.

Diswy - Hide or Show Desktop Icons

Other than the showing and hiding of the desktop icons, this small tool has two more useful features. It can quickly change the icons size of the desktop icons to either small or big size. Unfortunately, the large icon size is not implemented. To change the icons size, you can run the program from Start Menu shortcut and choose Big desktop icons to change the desktop icons size to big. Similarly, choosing Small desktop icons in the Start Menu shortcut with result in very tiny desktop icons.

Diswy - Change Desktop Icons to Large Size

But there is another way of changing the icon size. To change the icon size, you can run the Diswy tool’s program with a command line switch /big and to change them to smaller size, you can run the program with command line switch /small. Which of these methods appeal more to you is entirely a personal choice.

Diswy - Change Desktop Icons to Small Size

Conclusion: Diswy is a small tool that can quickly hide or show the desktop icons in Windows. It can also switch the icons size to big or small as per your requirements. It is very useful if you have to hide the desktop icons when little kids are around.

You can get Diswy tool from http://delphi32.blogspot.com/.