Wise Plugin Manager : Remove, Enable or Disable Browser Plugins

Browser plugins are very useful small programs that add to the existing functionality of your web browsers. All the modern web browsers support plugins of different types. Perhaps you already know about Adobe Flash Player which is one of the most popular plugins and works for all the web browsers. Some of these plugins you install yourself (like the Adobe Flash Player), but there are others which get installed during the installing of some of the software you download from the internet. For example, the free WordWeb dictionary software installs WordWeb plugin automatically in Firefox. If you have been actively using your computer for 4-5 months, then you can easily find at least one add-on or plugin in your browsers that was perhaps not installed with your permission.

Although all the browsers give you access to manage your browser plugins and extensions, but you have to go from one browser to another to manage the plugins for all these different web browsers. For example, I have Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox installed and it will take a lot of time if I manage the plugins through each browser’s individual interface. Thanks to the freeware like Wise Plugin Manager, now I can manage the browser plugins and extensions from one single interface for all the web browsers.

Wise Plugin Manager

The Wise Plugin Manager shows you a list of all the plugins and extensions present in all of your installed browsers (it supports only Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera). The state of all these plugins is also displayed along with them – whether they are enabled or disabled. You can easily toggle their enabled state by clicking on the On/Off switch button.

Moreover, you can also remove the plugins or extensions by clicking on the waste bin icon next to them. There are some extensions that are not allowed to be removed from your browser’s interface, but Wise Plugin Manager allows you to remove those extensions as well.

Conclusion: Wise Plugin Manager allows you to enable, disable or remove the plugins and extensions installed in your web browsers from a single interface. It supports Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Opera.

You can download Wise Plugin Manager from http://www.wisecleaner.com/wisepluginmanager.html.