CleanQuit Extension Cleans Browser History Before Closing Firefox

The history on your Firefox web browser keeps accumulating every time you use it. And after a couple of months of regular use, the browser history becomes so large that it starts interfering with the proper working of the Firefox browser. The browser may become slow to respond, starts very slow and may hang up as it loads media rich websites. This is why the computer experts suggest that you should always keep clearing the browser history and cache regularly after every month or so. This keeps Firefox running smoothly and improves its overall performance. If you find it very tedious to clean the browser cache and history from the Firefox settings, then you can use the CleanQuit extension for Firefox to clean the browser history before closing it.

This makes it very convenient to clean the browser cache, just by clicking on the browser toolbar button. This is also useful when you want to clear the browser history of a browser session before closing the web browser.

After the installation of the CleanQuit extension in Firefox, you will see a new toolbar button that looks like a power button with a little green plant like thing at the bottom. You can click on this button, it will immediately clean the Firefox browser cache, history, cookies etc., and then close all the open Firefox windows. Unfortunately, it does not give any warning related to the sudden closing of the Firefox windows.

CleanQuit Extension for Firefox

You can actually control what CleanQuit extension cleans in your Firefox. You can type about:addons in Firefox address bar, open CleanQuit options and select which item it is going to clean. Here you can also choose whether you want Firefox to be closed after cleaning is finished.

CleanQuit Extension for Firefox

Conclusion: All in all, the CleanQuit extension is a great extension for everyone who uses Firefox. It is a nice way to close the Firefox web browser after cleaning the browser history. It can clean all the browser items in just a single click from your Firefox browser.

You can download CleanQuit Firefox extension from