How to Enable or Disable Auto-starting Apps in Android

When you buy a new Android smartphone, it works blazing fast no matter what you do – play games, visit sites, make calls and so on. But after a few weeks of continuous use, it starts to become a tad sluggish. This is partly due to the number of new apps that you may have installed during this time. Some of these apps keep running in the background and even worse – some of them automatically start with Android. While there is no harm in security related apps (like an antivirus) from auto-starting in Android, other types of apps should be disabled for better performance.

Android makes it very easy to manage the auto-starting apps through the settings section. You can learn how to enable or disable such auto-starting apps in Android through these step by step instructions:

  1. First of all you have to open the Android settings section. You can open it easily by tapping on the gear like settings icon in the all apps gallery, or by tapping on the menu button on the home-screen and then selecting settings.
  2. On the settings screen, scroll down a little and then tap on Security to open the security related settings.Manage Auto-start Apps in Android
  3. In the security section you will find many settings related to apps like app permissions, app verification, whether to install from unknown sources etc. You have to tap on Auto-start Management to in this list.Manage Auto-start Apps in Android
  4. In the auto-start management screen, it will display a list of all the apps that are being auto-started in your Android phone. You can simply uncheck any apps that you want to disable from being auto-started. Similarly, checking an app will enable it to be auto-started with Android bootup.Manage Auto-start Apps in Android

While disabling some of the apps from being automatically started at Android boot will surely make it a little faster, but you have to be careful not to disable any important apps. For example, you should never disable antivirus products related apps from being auto-started as they protect your Android device from malicious apps and programs.


      1. Maybe there are different releases of 4.4.2, because Auto-start management does not appear on my security menu either.

        1. I agree. There really is no such thing.
          And it’s not like a painting program should have autorun when not even things like snapchat does…

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